I’m back from visiting family for a month and a half, in Cape Cod, Massachusetts. I have a few more pictures to show you!

When this picture was taken, it had been an extremely muggy day. Thunder had been booming for hours, but the storm was far off. Finally, everyone was in agreement that it was time to go swimming, so we rushed off to the nearest beach for some relief from the heat and humidity that builds up before a summer thunderstorm. Once we got there, however, the storm clouds had already built up, thick, and in some places draped over the sky in a menacingly dark lace. My husband and mother jumped briefly into the water, while I stood on the beach and took pictures. Suddenly lightning began to strike over land, the fat raindrops began to scatter over us, and everyone rushed out of the water and back into the car. Over time I’ll post a few more that I took that day.